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Asia’s leaders reject PMI’s sponsorship of Nikkei Conference

Nikkei Inc’s  26th International Conference on the Future of Asia proceeded on 20-21 May, minus the sponsorship of Philip Morris International (PMI). Following the decision from several leaders to withdraw from the conference because of the tobacco sponsorship, just days before the conference, on 17 May, PMI pulled out its sponsorship. The session in which PMI’s CEO, Jacek

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R Street Institute

Updated in August 2020 Background R Street Institute was established by Eli Lehrer, a former employee of the Heartland Institute, an organization which had previously accepted donations from Altria (owner of Philip Morris USA) in 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.[1],[2] The Institute identifies itself as “a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public policy research organization…(with the) mission

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Updated in August 2020 Background Factasia.org is a Hong Kong-based independent consumer advocacy group working across the Asia-Pacific region. The organization states on its website that it does not speak for or represent the tobacco industry;[1] instead, its mission is to promote consumer voices in Asia. On the other hand, factasia.org is known to promote

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Unnecessary interaction with tobacco industry

As defined by Article 5.3 guidelines, unnecessary interactions with the tobacco industry occur when government officials attend social functions sponsored by the industry or when the government enters into a partnership with them. No social distancing with the industry Not even the pandemic prevented some high-level government officials from interacting unnecessarily with the tobacco industry.

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Benefits given to tobacco industry

According to Asian TII index, the tobacco industry’s business portfolio is still highly valued for its perceived contributions to economic growth. Consequently, this earns the industry privileges or incentives from governments to expand its business further. Except for Brunei, the tobacco industry continues to enjoy these benefits from governments across Asia. Carving out tobacco industry

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Singapore is a high-income[1] island country with a population of 6.2 million people, situated just south of peninsular Malaysia. Post-colonization, Singapore was originally a part of Malaysia but became a sovereign nation two years later in 1965. Smoking Prevalence In Singapore, half a dozen of individuals is reported to smoking-related sicknesses each day. About 15%

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