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Tobacco is harmful the population of Lao PDR. More than 7,300 in the country die as a result of tobacco-related diseases every year.[1] The tobacco industry in Lao PDR is mainly controlled by the Lao Tobacco Company Ltd. which is partly owned by the government of Lao PDR.[2]  Smoking Prevalence GlobalData estimates that there were 1.08 […]

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Number of Smokers Out of the 10 countries with the highest number of smokers in the world, Indonesia ranks third after China and India. Ten Countries with the World’s Highest Number of Smokers based on Smoking Prevalence among People Aged >10 Years (million), 2015Note: The number of smokers in Indonesia is based on smoking prevalence

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About 15,000 Cambodians die each year due to tobacco-related diseases, one-third of whom are from lower-income groups.[1] Smoking Prevalence The overall smoking rate in 2018 was estimated at 19.8%. Of this total, 91% are men.[2] Cigarette Retail Price In 2016, the regular price for a pack of Ara had increased to US$0.50 per pack, while

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