Front groups, think tanks, and lobby groups

More tobacco industry front groups and lobby groups have emerged, and they are vocal in the media, opposing tobacco control measures. A closer look behind some of these groups reveal they either receive funding, have business dealings, or collaborate with the tobacco industry.

Besides front groups and lobby groups, (Table 1) tobacco companies set up and use foundations through which to conduct their CSR activities in an attempt to give themselves acceptability to governments and buy public goodwill. TI builds good image to mobilize the public to take the industry side to counteract the policy development on tobacco control. 

Table 1: Tobacco industry’s front groups and lobby groups in ASEAN[1]

 CountryFront groups and lobby groups (not an exhaustive list)
Farmers groupsRegional International Tobacco Growers Association (ITGA)
IndonesiaIndonesia Tobacco Farmers Association – Asosiasi Petani Tembakau Indonesia (APTI)
PhilippinesPhilippine Tobacco Growers Association (PTGA)
ThailandThai Tobacco Growers, Curers and Dealers Association
Tobacco Farmer Association (TFA)
Manufacturer AssociationsCambodiaAssociation of Tobacco Industry in Cambodia (ATIC)
IndonesiaIndonesia Tobacco Society Alliance – Aliansi Masyarakat Tembakau Indonesia (AMTI)
PhilippinesPhilippine Tobacco Institute (PTI)
VietnamVietnam Tobacco Association (VTA)
Retailer groupsIndonesiaIndonesian Forum of Tobacco Industry Community – Forum Masyarakat Industri Rokok Indonesia (FORMASI)
MalaysiaMalaysia Singapore Coffee Shop Proprietors General Association
VietnamAssociation of Vietnam Retailers (AVR)
Business groupsRegionalUS-ASEAN Business Council (US-ABC)
ASEAN Intellectual Property Association (AIPA)
ThailandThai Tobacco Trade Association (TTA)
VietnamVietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI)
MalaysiaMalaysia-Singapore Coffeeshop Proprietors General Association  (MSCSPGA)
Think tanks/ LegalMalaysiaInstitute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAs)
Lao PDRLao Law & Consultancy Group
Tobacco company foundationsBritish American TobaccoBAT Malaysia Foundation
 Japan Tobacco Inc.JTI Foundation
 Imperial BrandsFundacion Altadis
 Philip Morris InternationalAmerican Chamber Foundation Philippines
Jaime Ongpin Foundation
 Fortune Tobacco Corp.Tan Yan Kee Foundation
 Mighty CorporationWong Chu King Foundation
 PT HM SmapoernaPutera Smapoerna Foundation
 PT DjarumDjarum Foundation

[1] Update April 2020