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Malaysian Organization of Vape Entity (MOVE)


The Malaysian Organization of Vape Entity (MOVE) was established as a vapers’ rights program in 2015 with the objective of promoting vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes.[1] 

Relationship/engagement with the Tobacco Industry

MOVE representative Azrul Hafriz Bin Zainudin participated in the 1st Asia Harm Reduction Forum in November 2017 as a panelist in the session “The Search for Less Harmful Alternatives: Consumers’ Perspective.”

Lobbying against Tobacco Control measures

MOVE has been one the key supporters advocating for the regulation of ENDS/HTPs in Malaysia over an outright ban, in order to protect the interest of the vaping community. MOVE launched an e-petition to the Ministry of Health rejecting plans for a ban on vaping. The petition called for the vape industry to be regulated and for vaping to be approved as a viable alternative to smoking regular cigarettes.[2]

In response to the establishment of duty on vape products and e-cigarettes, MOVE president Samsul Kamal Arrifin Mohd Basir objected to the move to tax vapes like regular tobacco products; he called for taxation to be conducted in a way that would not burden consumers.[3]

Other activities

MOVE joined other vapers’ associations from the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia to form a movement called #VapersBeHeard. The announcement was made during a closed-door seminar titled “Alternative Tobacco Products Regulations: The Role of the Consumers”, which was organized by the Malaysian Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) and the Minimal Government Thinkers Inc. (Philippines) in September 2018.[4] The objective of #VapersBeHeard was to unite the voices of Asian vapers to demand their inclusion in policy discussions about regulating alternative tobacco products.[5]


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