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Philippine E-cigarette Industry Association (PECIA)

Updated in February 2020

Philippine E-cigarette Industry Association (PECIA) registered in 2013. The association identifies itself as a trade association composing of store owners, suppliers, and Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and related products in the Philippines. One of its missions is to promote the greater understanding for e-cigarettes in the service of users, community and country.[1] As of January 2020, PECIA has 250 members[2], who are legitimate businessmen whose businesses are registered with the SEC, DTI, BIR and local government.[3]

Relationship with Tobacco Industry

TI facilitation

Lobbying against Tobacco Control measures
It is clearly stated in PECIA’s Facebook page that one of its works is to “meets with government at the local and national level to serve as the industry voice when it comes to drafting legislation affecting the industry. It coordinates with law enforcement to stamp out fly-by-night operators that did not pass PECIA accreditation standards and defies government regulations regarding sales to minors.” Although PECIA declares that the association’s members agree not to 1) assert any health claims regarding the product, 2) Make any smoking cessation claims, and 3) Market or sell their electronic cigarette products to minors, PECIA’s representative violate its agreement several times.

On 7 February 2019, PECIA President Joey Dulay supported a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that e-cigarettes are more effective at helping smokers quit than nicotine replacement therapy. Joey Dulay said that “This research is very important because it corrects the misconception about electronic cigarettes and it shows that e-cigarettes can significantly provide an effective alternative to smokers who wish to quit,”[4]

Other activities
In April 2019, PECIA has collaborated with other pro-ENDS/HTPs groups and organizations, including the Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA) to take part in the DoH’s public consultation on the Draft Amendment of Administrative Order No. 2014-008 entitled “Rules and Regulation on Electronic Nicotine Delivery System” or Ends which include e-cigarettes.[5] In 2018, PECIA and The Vapers Philippines were among the stakeholders invited to attend the public hearing of the Committee on Trade and Industry of the House of Representatives last March 13, 2018. The meeting, chaired by Rep. Fernejel G. Biron, tackled several pending bills seeking to regulate e-cigarettes. At that time, PECIA submitted the latest Evidence Review of E-Cigarettes commissioned Public Health England (PHE)[6] to the government for considering the regulations related to ENDS/HTPs.[7]  

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