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Asosiasi Vaper Indonesia/Indonesia Vapers Association (AVI)

Updated March 2020


The Indonesia Vapers Association (AVI) officially manages the website www.rokokelektrik.org, but not much information about AVI’s background and activities is available on the site.[1] The group releases information about its campaigns and activities through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.[2],[3]

Relationship with The Tobacco Industry

No information is available on AVI’s relationship with the tobacco industry. However, similar to other groups like the Public Health Observer Foundation (YPKP) and Indonesia Vapor Entrepreneurs Association (APVI), AVI actively promotes the use of e-cigarettes and is known to be one of the founders of GEBRAK! (Tar and Smoke-Free Movement).[4]

I facilitation

At present, there is no available information on AVI’s sources of funding.

Lobbying against Tobacco Control measures

According to media reports, AVI has urged the government to have a dialogue with e-cigarette users before banning e-cigarettes and to legalize e-cigarettes with the necessary regulations in place.[5],[6] AVI has declared themselves as representatives of e-cigarettes users and have attempted to convince potential users that e-cigarettes are safe.[7],[8] To build public trust, AVI collaborated with APVI to launch the Lung X-rays campaign to show that the lungs of e-cigarette users were healthier than those of smokers. The campaign was held simultaneously in Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangerang, Riau, Medan, and other major Indonesian cities.[9]

Other activities

When news broke about e-cigarette products being used to consumed illicit drugs, AVI appeared in the media and volunteered to help the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) address the problem. AVI also launched a public campaign called “Vapes are not narcotics.”[10],[11]


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