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Vaping groups twist the quit message for World No Tobacco Day

Vaping groups in Asia are stepping-up their noise level to drown-out the important QUIT message during World No Tobacco Day. Since vaping is already banned in five ASEAN countries, and in more than 40 countries/ jurisdictions around the world, these groups have declared their own World Vape Day on May 30 to celebrate “personal stories” of smokers.
These vaping enthusiasts from several Asian countries including Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Pakistan are members of CAPHRA, an alliance which is a member of the International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organizations (INNCO). The INNCO is an international network promoting ENDS/HTPs and has received funds from the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, which in turn is funded by Philip Morris International.
The vapers are now applying pressure on countries that have banned vaping, such as Thailand, to roll back the ban, and lobby to prevent a ban in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.
According to the WHO, tobacco use in any form is harmful. In its latest statement, Quit tobacco to be a winner, the WHO reiterates e- cigarettes are not proven cessation aids. “The scientific evidence on e-cigarettes as cessation aids is inconclusive and there is a lack of clarity as to whether these products have any role to play in smoking cessation. Switching from conventional tobacco products to e- cigarettes is not quitting.”
The tobacco industry must be seen for what it is – a business making profits from selling harmful tobacco products. It is time to quit the tobacco industry. TheUnfilteredTruth #WorldNoTobaccoDay2021 https://www.facebook.com/SEATCA