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Tobacco Company Profile in ASEAN


Vietnam’s tobacco industry currently consists of 30 companies consolidated under six corporations. These corporations are invested in diverse industries, but tobacco production and trading are their major businesses and are either “government or public owned and belonging to the central or a local government, a ministry, or the Communist Party”.[1] Established in 1985, the Vietnam

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Tobacco Authority of Thailand (TAOT)

Update May 2020 The Tobacco Authority of Thailand (TAOT), formerly called the Thai Tobacco Monopoly (TTM), is a state-owned enterprise registered as a government agency under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance in Thailand. TAOT operates in the tobacco production and distribution business. Since its establishment in 1939, TTM grew steadily and took the biggest cigarette

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State-owned tobacco enterprises

Businesses that remain State-owned include those considered essential for national security and the maintenance of public order, implementation of poverty eradication, or to guarantee the supply of goods and services that would not be viable for private enterprises such as energy, telecommunications, aviation, and banking.[1] In ASEAN, active State-owned tobacco enterprises are Lao Tobacco Limited

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Transnational Tobacco Companies

The tobacco industry uses scare tactics to intimidate governments and fight stringent tobacco control measures, falsely claiming that such measures will cause job loses, kill the industry, and harm government investments. In reality, regardless of the strength of tobacco regulations, the tobacco business is flourishing in the ASEAN region spurring transnational tobacco companies (TTCs), in

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